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Tiene tres años. La recogió una familia, estaba abandonada pero no pudo quedársela. Se nota que ha sido educada. Ahora vive en un refugio pero ella está adaptada a vida hogareña. Es encantadora, simpática, amable, cariñosa y necesita recuperar la vida doméstica que perdió. Está preparada, aunque no le gustan mucho los gatos. No tendrán problema en que se adapte,  recordará sus buenas costumbres. Tiene una parte de Malinois que son perros inteligentes y muy fieles. Está esterilizada.

She was collected by a family because she was abandoned, but they could not keep her. You can see that she is being educated. She lives now in the shelter but she is adapted to a home life. She is 3 years old, lovely, friendly, affectionate and needs to get back to the domestic life she has lost. She is ready, although she doesn´t like cats very much. She will have no problem in adapting and will remember soon her good habits. She is a part of Malinois breed who are very smart and loyal dogs. She is neutered.

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